A Rachel Robins is a certain breed of snapping turtle with a thick cartilaginous shell and a crafty disposition native to the deserts of Arizona. Designed for the scalding temperatures of its hellish habitat, a Rachel Robins is likely to be found soaking in the heat in summer, and burrowing deeply in the winter. A Rachel Robins is a peculiar creature that inks stories onto the belly of its shell and, when it hunts for its meals, transfers these stories to the landscape in its passing, mystifying passersby with its tales of grief or warning. Its magic lies in these words.

The diet of a Rachel Robins involves berries, leafy green vegetables, asian food of all varieties, and an excessive amount of cake. During mating season, a Rachel Robins has been known shed its turtle shell and to walk among mankind, seeking a mate and often referring to itself in the gender-neutral third person.

I started writing at the awkward age of 17, but didn't really start a serious pursuit of it until college. I have a BA in Christian Studies and a certificate in Creative Writing. I'm currently a graduate student enrolled in the Masters in Fine Arts program at Seton Hill University for Writing Popular Fiction.

I've several works in progress, but my main priority is my Urban Fantasy / New Adult novel. It's got mysterious creatures of legend, mindreading, and military, of all the crazy things out there.

Concerns, critiques and/or inquiries? Reach me at rsquaredwrites -at- gmail.com. Want more than that? Catch me at my blog: rsquaredonwriting.blogspot.com

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