Get Writing Again

Hey everyone! If you're in the U.S., I hope you enjoy your holiday! Remember to be safe (moderately so), eat good food (in great quantities), and enjoy the company of your favorite people (for hours and hours)! If you're not in the U.S., I wish the same things for you as well :)

This time of the year is super jam packed for me. Work schedule aside, I'll be taking two weeks in December to travel through Japan. For some, being booked so tight they can hardly breath is a place where they thrive. Me, not so much. I stop being creative, stop being social, and just sleep. But sleeping is not writing, despite what your subconscious may argue. So I'd like to share a couple things that can help kickstart those creative engines and keep them churning,


I know, I've said this before. But really, a well worded prompt can be the difference between a hundred words and noting at all. I love visiting and checking out their Unquiet Bones section. Every week a new set of prompts go up. They're fantastic! Better, there's almost always something for every genre. I highly recommend trying them on for size!

100 Themes Challenge

I discovered this lovely list around the beginning of NaNoWriMo this year. Originating from a meme on DeviantArt, it gives you 100 themes to base a chapter/book/scene/etc around. As the website explains, you pick a theme and write based on your choice. Some clever people have even used the list to make an outline for their books. I like having direction when I write. This helps with that, or at least sparks an idea interesting enough to get the words flowing again.

I hope these help! Does anyone have a favorite website or technique to keep moving forward?


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