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Nancy Drew

I recently posed the following question to a Facebook comic book/writers group I belong to, and now I want to ask YOU!

If you could write any already established pop culture character for a comic book or graphic novel, whose story would you want to tell? 

And now I'll share my answer(s).

It's tough for me to decide. But I narrowed the list down to a few. And I focused on female characters for sure.

Surprise! It's not DC's Wonder Woman, though I love her and I am a big fan. I would definitely prefer my own superheroine creation inspired by her, but not Princess Diana of Themyscira herself.

The same goes for Marvel's Psylocke. I love her but... Part of the problem is both of these characters live in a complicated world with rules, other superheroes they interact with, and mega canon. It's tough to negotiate that!

Here are a couple of characters that I feel need more of their own stories and/or I would love to write them.


She was my first favorite character and I'm still not tired of her. But, A LOT of people have written Nancy Drew stories. Across a  wide variety of formats. So she's tough to find new stories for, but easier to negotiate than a Marvel or DC character.

Veronica Mars

But when it comes down to it, I prefer the updated noirish spin on a Nancy Drew-type character that is Veronica Mars. And if not Veronica or Nancy, I'd definitely be inspired by them to do my own version of a teen sleuth character. I think Veronica is my number 1 pick for already existing characters in pop culture. She is clever, sassy, independent, and exerts a little bit of vigilante justice. What a magical combination!

TEELA from He-Man & the Masters of the Universe

The Sorceress

Too often a damsel in distress in the original series, I would want to change Teela to how I see her, how I always imagined her to be: the star and able to rescue herself. I want to experience Eternia from her point of view, as the major protagonist and He-Man as a supporting character. For that matter, I would love to write her mother, the Sorceress. I always thought she was full of secrets and stories, AND sacrifice. Those are good elements right there.

Yeah, there are a lot of red heads on this list. Not on purpose.

So what about you? If you knew you could do the story and character justice, who would you want to write about?


  1. Oh gads, He-Man lol My favourite character was always Sorceress, for exactly the reasons you listed. She was always the one the intrigued me most. But for who I'd like to write I think I'd go for Delirium from Sandman, I've always had an affinity for that character. Also I'd love to do a Luna Lovegood spinoff XD I sense a theme arising here..

  2. Oh Luna! Nice! There are so many characters I love but I just don't have any new story ideas for. I think spinoffs is where a lot of the untold stuff is.


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