Beautiful Book Covers

You know how you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover? Let's throw that to wind and live dangerously for five minutes. Call me shallow but the first thing to pique my interest in a book I've never heard of, by someone I don't usually read, is the cover. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, and I'm dead certain the marketing companies are onto us.

Sometimes I browse Goodreads for nothing else but the cover designs. Today was one of those days so I thought I'd make you a wintry mosaic of lovely blue toned covers. I mean we can't read all the time right? 

What your top picks be based on nothing but looks alone? 


  1. Outed! I have to admit that I do seem drawn to interesting bookcovers myself. I recently bought a book from Amazon because I liked the artwork on the cover. I haven't read it yet but the premise of the story seems quite intriguing too. Besides, the nicer the packaging, the more it will stand out in a crowd.

    My top picks based on the cover only ... Ocean at the End of the Lane (incidentally, I did buy this book because I generally like Neil Gaiman but the cover intrigued me too), Letters from Skye and Angelfall. Never heard of these last two authors but I will have to amazon them now.

    1. Angelfall gets me too, I know it's angel wings but every time I see this cover I think they're moth wings lol. Takes my brain straight to, Silence of the Lambs, which I'm sure the novel is not at all similar to!

  2. I just love blue-ish book covers...water-influenced covers too. I've heard of several, but so far have only purchased Gaiman's, but haven't read it yet. The two that intrigue me most from title are, Letters from Skye and Finnikin of the Rock. But I think I like Gaiman's cover best. :)


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