Is It That Time of Year Already??

Maybe it's just because nearly everything in my life lately has been like a whirlwind, but I can hardly believe that it's already been a whole year since we started up this crazy place. It rather feels a bit surreal.

But what a year we've had! I think just about everyone has had great moments and super successful pieces of flash this year. I know I can think a few myself that have really stuck with me long after reading. In fact, along with my celebratory haiku that'll be coming this next Tuesday, I'd like to take a moment to highlight my ultra favorite stories that my fellow bloggers have brought to the table this year. If you're a new reader, or just are new to the site I definitely recommend checking out at least these stories from these brilliant women.

The very first story that Sarah posted is, I think, the one that's really had the biggest impact on me. I know that I was being difficult that month by picking the noun falafel but Sarah really took it and ran with it. I love the visuals and the overall general feel of this fantasy piece. Such a great job, Sarah! Come read or reread Sarah's first flash, Snow Elf, here.

As for Denise, I'd have to say her piece she's done this year that really stuck out to me is a little steampunk flash called Forbidden Fruit. Penis kaleidoscopes--why have I not considered such a thing before? Such a travesty. If you haven't read it yet, you're really missing out. Come check it out and leave a few thoughts for Denise about her story here.

And finally I really have to give a tip of my hat to Sapphire for her flash fic, A Conversation. One of the gears we shifted into shortly after the end of last Decemeber was to focus our flash contributions on some variation of  fantasy, either urban, old school, steam/dieselpunk, or paranormal/horror. And I'm personally really glad that we did if not for this story alone. Sapphire really creates a truly haunted air in this piece. It gave me chills afterward. And all in 500 words or less. Seriously, if you haven't read it, you need to. You can find it here.

It really has been a great year. Thanks again to my fellow bloggers for being so awesome, so invested, and contributing so much of their free time to keeping this place going. Sapphire, especially. Without her patience and mad graphic design skills, I shudder to think what would have happened to this place.

But most of all, thanks to our readers for sticking through the year, and for being kind enough to leave their support, thoughts and feedback for us. You're the reason why we keep going.

To another great year!

image credit goes to mysticmorning.


  1. Awwww you fill me with squishy feels XD

  2. Well, you definitely deserve the shout-out for all the amazingness you bring to the table, my dear. ;)

  3. Totally, we wouldn't even have the website without ya, Sapphire. And it wouldn't be nearly as wicked cool.

    Over on my blog, I had picked out my favorite stories from the past year as well. So readers, be sure to check these out too.

    Rachel - To Granny's House (suspenseful dieselpunk)
    Sapphire - The Widow Tree (haunting western)
    Sarah - Snow Elf (sweet romance) [same as Rachel's fave]


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