Introducing, Rissa Watkins

Allow us to present guest poster, Rissa Watkins! Rissa has just finished a new adult urban fantasy novel, Unrevelations, and is starting her search for an agent. [Go you!] You can find her at and on Twitter.

by Rissa Watkins

Sam stood transfixed in horror at the blood dripping off the razor sharp knife. Steve had been so focused on scalping the skull, he didn’t hear her sneaking into his basement.

All thoughts of the pre-bachelor party, afternoon delight Sam had planned fled her mind at the sight of the gore.

The partially skinned head plunked on the cement with a squishing noise as Steve stood up in shock.

“I can explain,” Steve said as he stepped toward Sam.

She darted away from his grasping, crimson-covered hand, to put the corpse littered table between them. The smell of death made her gag. She pulled her “give peas a chance” shirt up over her nose to try to block the stench.

“Baby, please. I was trying to figure out a way to tell you that wouldn’t upset you.”

“Are you insane? How could you possibly explain away this?” Sam’s every instinct screamed at her to run, but Steve stood between her and the only exit.

“My grandpa taught me how when I was a child. It’s folk art. People pay a lot of money for it.”

An image of her fiancĂ© as a child stacking bloodied skulls like Legos flashed through her mind and she shivered in horror. “Art?”

Steve mistook her revulsion as interest and nodded his head. He took a step to the side to get around the table.

If she could just get him to take a few more steps, she could dart around the other side of the table and up the stairs to escape.

“Yes, it isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s hard not to scratch the bone. You have to be patient and prickle the skin off slowly.” Steve was too animated to notice her edging her away around the table.

“Then you have to clean them and let them dry. But it’s the assembly that really brings them to life. Like this little guy with the cowboy hat.” He held up a skull with a cowboy hat tipped down covering the eye socket on one side.

She covered her mouth to keep from screaming.

“They look better when they are fully assembled. Here, I have some of my sculptures locked in the cabinet, let me show you.” He turned to open the large cabinet he’d told her was left there by his dad for storage.

How many lies had he told during their two-year engagement?

Now was her chance. Sam sprinted for the stairs, jumping over the corpse of a rabbit on the ground. When she reached the door, she paused and looked down at him.

“Don’t leave me, Sam. I love you.” He had the nerve to look hurt while the bodies of his victims were strewn around him. “I buy them already dead, I don’t kill them.”

She pulled the conflict-free diamond off her ring finger and tossed it onto the grisly floor. Before the basement door slammed shut she yelled, “How could you claim to be a vegan?”

Word Count: 498

Rissa Watkins is a writer, mother, dreamer and leukemia survivor. When not busy keeping her family alive (which is a lot harder than it should be), she spends her days hovered over her computer working on her next novel.

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  1. Poor guy, he's just trying to have a hobby ;) Loved the skull in the cowboy hat, highly amusing :)

  2. Ick! I'm imagining some pretty bizarre folk art now. Haha.

  3. I love that her main problem is him claiming to be vegan :) I could see that happening, somehow, haha. Thanks for sharing!


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