Proof-reading, Spoof-reading

Let's chat about proof-reading, about how important it is to check, double-check, and triple-check your work before submitting or posting anywhere. This is a topic close to my heart because I'm so very terrible at it.

I excel at typos, mis-spelling, and straight up using the wrong words because I didn't look at what the spell-checker corrected said words into. All that before we even get to the pesky grammatical stuff (which often makes about as much sense to me as algebra).

I was reminded of this after stumbling onto an old submission file. I managed to be one of the top ten finalists for this particular competition, but didn't win. Re-reading my submission I can see why. Perhaps if I'd corrected those stupid mistakes I would have done better.

The worst thing about proof-reading is that it doesn't matter if I've re-read the work fifty times, I'll still miss the errors. Trying to locate my own errors is like trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night using nothing but echo location. Always have someone look over your work for you because I'm pretty sure that appearing to be at least 90% literate will give your written work a lot more credence.


  1. Lately I'm terrible with typos and whatnot. I'd like to blame part of that on autocorrect since I do much of my writing on my iPad these days, but sometimes I come across some real winners in my current manuscript. And usually it's AFTER I've sent it out to be looked over. >.<

    My most shameful typo at the moment: 5he instead of the. DX I mean, what dafuq Word?! How did this get missed the first ten times I looked over the bloody document?!

  2. Proofreading is something I'm either obsessive over or just really lackadaisical with. I've had the best results when I finish early and let one or two other people read the work or post before I submit it. Three people usually find what one person misses, haha.


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