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I have a secret obsession: story prompts. I love reading them online, listening to them in person, all forms. So I thought I would try some out for you all this week. Feel free to use them however you please! If you have a favorite prompt, feel free to share it in the comments below. If they inspire a story, I'd love to read it!

1. "I will turn the ground into fire," Corwin said. With that look in his eyes and the magic crackling around his fingertips she believed him.

2. When you know you’re going to die, how long do you keep trying to live?

3. Do you know how long a person can listen to the sound of waves breaking on a pier before they start to hate it? I'm not sure of other people, but it took me three days before each gentle swish made me want to beat my head against the wooden crate I had hidden in.

4. “I live in a world of dust and blood,” Jerame said, his eyes closing. Everything was either a remnant of the past or stained beyond repair.

5. “Do you have any idea what you’re asking?” He hadn’t meant to whisper. Thinking about the horn just put him in that mood. It was like talking in a library. He resisted the urge to run his hand through his hair again.

“Of course I do.

“It killed thousands of elves. Rethink this.”

“Do you destroy guns because people shoot others with them? No, I have thought it through."



  1. I love writing prompts. These are nifty. I was pretty devastated that my favorite set of prompts grew legs and walked away while I was my internship a few days ago. :'( They're still walkabout...

    1. Writing prompts and story sentences are my favorite things ever! I have collections of them all around the house, haha. It's so sad when prompts go missing! I hope you find them! And then, do share ;)

  2. It's funny. I generally don't like them. I usually have enough ideas of my own that I'd rather spend my time on, but sometimes they take me to new worthwhile territory. For example, in one of my writing classes we had them every week, and one of the prompts we were given eventually lead me to my YA supernatural book project. I didn't think seriously of the idea at the time just vaguely that it was cool, but it burnt a whole in my head some months later and morphed into something slightly different, but strong and awesome. Anyway, I thought I'd share the prompts from that class since they were pretty interesting, starting with the one that inspired my novel.

    1. Write the premise of a contemporary story using mythology, folklore, or legend. Add in an element from another culture, myth, folktale, or legend.

    2.Describe, using the senses, a child's first encounter with a creature, substance, or object. Do not identify the object in the beginning. Use as many of the five senses as possible.

    3. Write about a character in conflict using 2 different techniques: a) dialogue b) action.

    4. Write your first or strongest memory as a child; use the first person point of view initially, then do it again in the third person point of view.

    1. Those are really interesting! I really like the first one. It's going into my files :) I love inserting a prompt into the middle of a current work and seeing what comes out. It's like a literary science experiment :)


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