Jealous Love

One month after Baelin's spirit appeared in his dreams, Hamish walked into Fhraedhelm. The elven city grew from the wood of an Origin tree and the wood grain glowed along the walls of every building. Small trees grew beside them and their roots broke the city into sections. A guard stopped him just inside the gate. Clad in armor made from his tree, the elf gestured at Hamish and his mare with his spear.

"I've come to speak with Aelin of Westerleigh," Hamish said. The rough human words made the elf's eyes narrow. Hamish flashed the silver chrysanthemum badge Baelin had given him for their marriage years ago and never taken back afterwards. The elven guard lowered his spear. Hamish clicked the mare on.

Aelin and Baelin lived in the city's only knothole. Hamish tied his mare to a stout branch while he studied it. Still more beautiful than anything inside or out of elf country, but with Baelin gone... Hamish clenched his jaw and walked through the archway. His breath caught in his throat.

Aelin waited inside the courtyard. She'd braided her flaxen hair into tiny strands as Baelin had always done and forgone mourning clothes in favor of wearing one of her sister's ivory dresses.

"You have returned," she said. Tears filled her eyes.

Hamish closed the distance between them to catch her whispered words. He rubbed her arm and wondered how far the disease had progressed since her sister's passing. "I returned for Baelin."

Her turquoise clouded and Hamish gripped her shoulders when she tried to break away. "Husband, what are you saying? I am Baelin."

Hamish closed his eyes. Would that it could be so. They had the same appearance. If not for the ghost, he might have believed her. The ghost and the insanity never far from her childlike gaze.

Hamish spoke through his pain. "Aelin, I have a question and you must swear to answer in truth."

Her hands caressed his face, her thumbs rubbed at the crow's feet age formed around his eyes. "My love, anything. Why do you call me by her name? You frighten me."

Hamish snatched at her hands and squeezed.

"Hamish--" Aelin gasped.

"Did you cause your sister's death?"

Aelin fell silent. Cry, he begged. Call me a liar.

Aelin sniffed. "I hated her eyes. No sister should desire another's husband. I poisoned her with plague rat's placenta coated in mercury and mounted her body on Moradrin's wall."

Hamish stepped back. He met Aelin's gaze and saw a puppy gazing at its master in dumb adoration. Blind to reason, capable of anything. Hamish clasped his hands behind his back. His wrist brushed his knife in it's hidden sheath.

"I loved you," he whispered to Baelin's memory. He could almost feel her with him, crying. For vengeance?

Aelin moved to embrace him. "I shall always love you."

Hamish drew the knife and stabbed her in the heart. She fell to the ground, gasping. He turned his back and walked away.

Wordage: placenta, mount
Genre: Fantasy
Word count: 500


  1. Nice! And why didn't I think of using 'placenta' like that!! haha

    1. Haha, thanks :) That word gave me a lot of trouble!

  2. Yeah, very nice placenta usage! Creepy way to say it but there you go :P


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