Audacious, I know

I don’t know about anyone else, but generally, I’m not one for audio books. I’ve tried them in the past. I don’t know if it's because that I have shitty listening comprehension—which is probably the case—but in the past I’ve really struggled to get into the story.

I always think, Oh, a book on tape. Fantastic. Now I can get my stories on while I get other things done.

Except that’s never the case. The moment I start trying to do anything else—laundry, driving, sorting through random things—I become instantly distracted and can’t focused all  on what’s coming through the speakers. I’m just too good at tuning people out, I guess. Or if they’re like the first audio book I experimented with for my undergrad, Through Gates of Splendor, I kept falling asleep and having to rewind back to the last point I remembered after I woke up.

So for the longest time I just said no to audio books.

But for my last residency this past June, it was heavily recommended to me that I pick up the audio version of Ready Player One. So I did, hesitantly. Honestly, I was pretty shocked at how good the experience was. Maybe it was just Wil Wheaton being his fabulous self, but the book really came to life for me and I didn’t mind all of the little nagging writerly things that stand out to me when I’m physically looking at the text. What I do know, though, is that I’d like to see more.

Anyone have any suggestions of books that they’ve listened to on tape and enjoyed? It’s definitely something that I’d like to explore more.


  1. I really loved Lori Petty's narration on Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series (much better than that Katherine Heigl movie, btw). And I'll listen to Keith David read anything. I can't think of anything else to recommend.

  2. That definitely sounds like its worth checking out. :) thanks! I'm über behind on the Plum series so this sounds like a great way to catch up.


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