Channel 8's weatherman covered for the regular anchorman that morning and he delivered all his lines in a nasally monotone. "Be wary when the night cools so rapidly plants freeze. This is a sign of their coming. Lock your doors and turn up the heat."

Lucy turned her back on the common room's television. She rolled her eyes at Jacob, the hostel's landlord, and smiled when he shook his head at the news.

"It would take the charm out of things, don't you think?" he asked.

"Being frozen by a vampire. Right." She ran a hand through her short hair and ruffled it. With a wry smile, she added, "I can't imagine anyone would believe that."

Jacob just shrugged and gestured to the other boarders. All eight had their eyes glued to the news. She hadn't seen anyone so entranced with a television screen since her sister had found out that celebrity Robert something or other had broken up with his girlfriend and was running free in Los Angeles.

"Listen," Lucy said. She leaned forward in the recliner so only Jacob could hear her. He mimicked her movement. "You want to know what vampires are really like, meet me by the pond tonight." She laughed at his skeptical expression, but settled back into her chair and pulled out her phone. Lucy didn't move again until the screen behind her flashed with a story change. Then she rose and went to wait for the night.

That evening Lucy stood by the pond in the park. A full moon rose overheard, bright enough she could study her reflection in her compact's mirror. A rustling in the bushes behind her made her shiver, but Jacob emerged. His lips were pressed into a thin line and his gaze swept the area before settling on her.

Did he feel the change in temperature? Lucy wondered. Would he justify it as the effect of being near water? She closed her hand around the compact as he approached.

"I don't see any vampire, Lucy," he said. Every little noise made his shoulders hunch tighter. The color was slowly draining from his face. Judging by the confusion growing in his eyes, she guessed hers was too.

"Yes, you do. And so do I." She reached a hand out and caressed his cheek. Her fingers brushed away the frost forming there.

"What are you saying?" Jacob tried to step back, but she hooked her hand around the back of his neck.

"You've forgotten again, love. Don't worry." Lucy smiled when he let her draw him against her chest. His head dropped to rest against her shoulder. A gentle snow started to fall around them. "We bring the winter. I've always found you charming covered in white."

Jacob nipped her neck instead of giving an answer. She lolled her head to one side. If it would bring him back, she would give him anything he wanted.

Wordage: frost, flash
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Wordcount: 487

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  1. I love vampires. This feels like a different take which can be hard to do. :)


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