Missed Connection

To My Dear Lord and Master,

I have seen you twice so far at the Reaping, each time I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Your skill with a scalpel and saw would make even the most proficient of medical practitioners blanch with envy. And the way you move about the table sends shivers down my spine.

We spoke at my first meeting. I don't know if you remember me, but you said I had the same hair as the last volunteer. At the most recent gathering, we bumped into each other in the corridor while you were wheeling in the next participant. You didn't seem to notice, but I had barely recovered in time for the procedure.

This time, I was in the room with you while you worked. Our hands brushed when I passed you the pliers.  Again, you acted like nothing had happened. How do you stay so cool while you work? How do their screams not affect you?

I will be attending the next session in the lighthouse, and I pray you will be there as well. Ever since the first time we met, I couldn't stop thinking about the way you sliced through her flesh and shattered her bones. Please let that be me this time. I want you to make me your most beautiful piece of work yet.

Hopefully yours,

A Fan

To My Fan,

Your words warm the cockles of my ever dying soul. I remember your porcelain skin, so soft it seemed to bruise from just my gaze. I waited for you to step forward, but another forced herself into my arms. Did you wonder about the gag? I could not stand her screams echoing off the chamber walls. It baffled me until I let my gaze sweep the room and found you, cheeks flush with excitement. Then I knew.

With the rise of the next moon, I beseech you: come to my table. Let my instruments caress your flesh, open you to your deepest level and pour forth your soul. When I reach in to touch your beating heart we will finally become complete.

I am waiting.

Your Lord and Master

Wordage: lighthouse, sweep
Genre: Horror
Wordcount: 359
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Pakorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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