Introducing, Laura Hunsaker

Happy spring and a big welcome to guest poster, Laura Hunsaker who, unlike the old saying, closes March out for us with a ROAR! Laura is a published romance author, coffee addict, and mega book reviewer. You can find her on her author website and at Demonlovers Books & More, but better than evens, she's on Twitter.

~by Laura Hunsaker

It was hers. She would guard it for eternity if she had to, but it was hers. The men who came tonight thought it an empty shell of a lighthouse, but she would prove them wrong. She had to. This was her home, and even in death no one would take it from her.

Watching as the wind blew gusts hard enough to capsize their small vessel, mildly impressed as still they struggled against the elements, she tsked under her breath. Unbeknownst to them, their perseverance would lead to nothing but fear. She lifted her arms to the sky, reveling in the storm. The stinging raindrops pelted her, but she scarcely felt it. She didn’t feel much anymore. The only thing she still felt with the fire of an inferno was her desire to keep what was hers.

And this lighthouse was hers.

The foolishly brave men made it to shore, their bobbing boat tied up securely, they walked to the front door. And they walked in. Unwilling to allow this, she made sure she was there first. And she made sure to greet them.

The men walked right through her, not noticing that she was there, but she would change that. She had to. Self-preservation was a powerful motivator. Ignoring the men who set up cameras and motion detectors, ignoring the storm raging outside, ignoring everything but what was left of herself, she focused on the small spark left inside. She took a moment to gather her dwindling strength, for time ravaged even the undead, and she closed her eyes. Taking an unnecessary breath, she opened her eyes and released her tenuous hold on her powers.

Everything blew over; the men, their equipment, everything. She had brought the storm inside. Amid the screams and the fear, one man stood out to her. He stared directly at her. He could see her. It had been decades, centuries even, since anyone had seen her. His lips were moving. She focused on his mouth, on the words, and she heard his voice over the storm.

“Who are you? What is your name?”

She tried to answer, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t remember. Her tether had always been to this place, this tiny island where she had lived and died. Her name hadn’t been important, and now it no longer existed. Would she fade away too? The fear of dissipating concerned her more than the men.

The men left, and for once, she wasn’t the reason. It was morning and she had lost her focus. But maybe the one man who saw her would come back? And if he did, maybe she wouldn’t try to frighten him away.

But one thing hadn’t changed. She was still here, her lighthouse was still here. And it was still hers.

Wordcount: 467

Laura Hunsaker writes about Hunky Highlanders and Hottie Scotties. She creates Steamy Time Travel Romances that warm up the night, and leave you craving more. Highland Destiny, book 1 in the Magic of the Highlands series is on sale at all major e-book retailers.


  1. I really liked this story, love the idea of a haunted lighthouse and one guy being able to see her.

  2. Thanks Denise! I loved to watch those ghost hunter shows and the temptation of a lighthouse being haunted was too much for me :)

  3. I love it. It's a ghost story written from the ghost's point of view. I watch those ghost hunter shows and that was what I thought about when I read this story.

    "Time ravaged even the undead" Loved that line.

    Good job!

  4. Very nice, made me think of The Shipping News.

    1. Xhanthi, I had to look that one up. It sounds like an intriguing book.

  5. Also, sorry about switching accounts on you guys-I logged in with the wrong one :/


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