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We'd like to send out a big thank you to Amy for being our first guest poster and providing us with a great New Year's short story. If you don't know Amy she's a fellow writer, bibliophile, and all round book-lover. She does great book reviews over at her website, Amy's Book Den so check it out if you're looking for book suggestions.

New Years Shenanigans
-by Amy Acosta

At ten minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve a demon appeared in her dorm room. When he grabbed her hand, Annabel knew she was in trouble. The demon’s portal magic opened up and swallowed them whole. Annabel cringed and prepared for the unfortunate side effect of taking a dip in the freezing waters of the lake. But hard ground met them on the other side.

They were on a small hill overlooking the lake where the full moon turned the waters silver.

“My work here is done.” The demon stepped into a portal and vanished.

Curse it all, Annabel thought. It was one thing to be alone on New Year’s, and quite another to be freezing your butt off outside because of some prank and alone on New Year’s.

“I guess it’s better than staying cooped up in my room feeling sorry for myself,” Annabel muttered, then sat on the grass and drew her hood up.

She wondered what each of her friends were doing on this night. If she’d been back home, her mom would’ve made her write a New Year’s wish on an index card which would then go into a jar. Each month they’d take a card out and fulfill the wish, or at least try to.

At the moment, Annabel couldn’t think of anything meaningful to wish for. “A blanket to warm me up. A hot cup of chocolate. With marshmallows. Tiny ones.” But what the witch really wanted was not to be alone this night. After all that had happened that semester, Annabel thought at least one of her friends would’ve stayed.

A loud cry startled Annabel. Then a ball of energy with magenta hair tackled her from behind and wrapped her up in a bear hug. “Did you really think we’d leave you all alone today?” The faery laughed at Annabel’s stunned expression and squeezed harder.

A hand settled on her shoulder, and Annabel turned to see a trickster’s grin. The djinn was decked out in white and gold, a sharp contrast with his deep red skin. “What kind of friends do you take us for?”

“You’re stuck with us, witch girl.”

Annabel whirled around at the sound of the incubus’s voice. He winked and Annabel couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her lips.

“But what are we doing out here?”

Annabel’s friends grabbed her arms and turned her around towards the lake. The djinn stood by the faery while the incubus stayed off to the side. Annabel was about to ask them what they were waiting for when lights appeared in the bottom of the lake, spinning, darting, and growing. The first fireworks emerged and sparked to life above the water.

Her friends cheered as the new year started. Amid laughs and hugs, Annabel couldn’t think of a more perfect moment. Then a black wolf approached her side, tongue lolling out in a wolfish grin and eyes shimmering gold.

“Happy New Year’s, wolf boy,” Annabel said.

Now it was perfect.

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  1. Hi Amy, thanks for sharing! Will we see these characters again?

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I'm looking forward to seeing the characters again as well, haha. Incubus? Yes, please! :) Thanks for sharing!


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